Department of Biology

Dr. Aye Aye Myint(Prof.)
Head of Department
Subject Area & Research Field
  • Zoology (Environmental Studies, Mammalogy, Parasitology)
Dr. Yee Htwe(Associate Prof.)
Associate Prof.
Subject Area & Research Field
  • Zoology (Ichthyology, Parasitological)

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Faculty Member




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Courses given


Old Syllabus

Bio 3001 Plant Physiology & Human Excretion and Reproduction

Bio 3002 Cytology and Anatomy & The Senses and Coordination

Bio 4001 Medicinal Plants & Organisms and their Environments

Bio 4002 Genetics and Heredity

Bio 5001 Plant Biotechnology & The Human Impact on the Environment

Bio 5002 Ecology & Variation, Selection and Evolution

New syllabus

Bio 1001 Varieties of Life

Bio 1002 Cell Biology

Bio 2001 Nutrition and Respiration

Bio 2002 Transport and Movement

Bio 3001 Excretion and Reproduction

Bio 3002 Angiosperms and Animalia

Bio 4001 Medicinal Plants and Diseases

Bio 4002 Coordination and Response

Bio 5001 Inheritance and Variation

Bio 5002 Ecology

Current research area


  • Morphological Character of Some Plants in YUOE Campus
  • Mangrove Associated Plants in Southern Yangon District in Thanlyin River Area
  • Study on the Embryo Development of Carassius auratus, Linnaeus, 1758
  • Activities on environmental awareness for elementary students in Yangon and Bago environs.