Free accommodations are provided for undergraduate students. On-campus accommodation
with reasonable facilities and a good security system is provided. There are altogether 11
dormitories including 4 male-only dormitories – Popa, Duyar and two temporary dormitories
– and 6 female-only dormitories – Pyay, Bagan, Tagaung, Nawaday, Ohndaw and Thanpyin
dormitories – and 1 dormitory for international students.

Ohndaw, Popa, Duyar, and one temporary dormitory are located in Hlaing University Campus
and the rest are in YUOE campus, Kamayut Township. New students must apply for their
accommodation during their registration periods. The lists of the students who are eligible for
staying at the dormitories are announced in the first week of December.

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