Department of Methodology

Dr. Khin Mar Khaing (Lecturer / Head)
Head of Department
Subject Area & Research Field
  • Methodology
  • Teacher Education
Dr. Myo Win (Prof.)
Subject Area & Research Field
  • Methodology
  • English Language Teaching

   No. of Staff
Faculty Member




  Associate Professor




  Assistant Lecturer8
8 Tutor/Demonstrator


  Office Assistant1
Courses given


  • General Methodology; sepcific Methodologies in Myanmar, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, and Economics for undergraduate (B.Ed) students.
  • Modern Pedagogics; Information Processing Technology; Pedagogic Methodology; Curriculum Development; Teacher Education; and Educational Technology for master's degree (M.Ed) students.
  • Adcanced Pedagogic Methodology; Innovative Teachning Learning Strategies; Cyberage Educational Technology; and Research Methodology for doctoral (Ph.D) students.
  • Educational Technology for students of Postgraduate Diploma in Multimedia Arts.
Current research area


  • An Analytical Study of Basic Education Sector for its Sustainable Development.
  • Developing Academic Writing Courses for Postgraduate Students in Myanmar.
  • Introspection into Students, Parents, Teachers and Professionalism.