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Vol.1 No.1

No.1 Article Editorial
1. Enhancing Students' Mathematical Problem Solving Performance by Using a Cooperative Learning Model (NuNuNyunt, AyeAyeMyint)
2. စံလြဲအျပဳအမူနွင့္ ကူညီလမ္းညႊန္ျခင္း (KhinMyoThein, Myintswe)
3. အတန္းစီမံခန့္ခြဲမႈဆိုင္ရာ အေျခခံသေဘာတရားမ်ားနွင့္သုေတသနေတြ့ရွိခ်က္မ်ား (Phyu2Yin)
4. .ျမန္မာ့အားကစားကိုအေထာက္အကူျပုေသာ ျမန္မာ့ရိုးရာ ကေလးကစားနည္းမ်ားႏွင့္ အားကစား အေျခခံမ်ား (htunkyi, moemoekhing)
5. A Study of the Quality Characteristics of Tube-well Water from the Environment of Yangon Institute of Education (YIOE) (myathuzar, nunukhin, maykyiwin, thein2win)
6. Monopolistic Competition and Effects of Advertising (KharttarSoe)
7. Motivating Learners of English (Nwe2hlaing, Htay2win)
8. Development of Pottery Industry and Solving for Woodfuel in Ywatharyar Village, Minbu Township (KyawKhaingWin, KhinKhinHtay)
9. The Conditions of Myanmar Workers during the Colonial Period, (1886-1920) (KhinYi)
10. Statistical Estimation of Parameters Associated with the Probability Distribution of Random Variable X (HlaHlaWin)
11. ဗုဒၡဘာသာအေရွ႕ ပိုးကရင္ဘာသာစကားမွ ပစၥည္းအသံုးမ်ား (zonepwintshwe)
12. Design and Construction of a Fixed Regulated Power Supply, a Variable Regulated Power Supply and a Dual Regulated Power Supply (MyaHninAye, Ohma Aung , MyaAye, KhinTint)

Vol.2 No.1

No. 1 Article Editorial
1. An Application of Linear Test Equating Method in Scoring (Aye2Myint, HtetLwinOo)
2. Problem Solving Ability of Middle School Students in Science Learning (MoeMoeNaing, Aye Aye Myint)
3. A Study of the School Administrative Functions of the Selected Basic Education High School in North Dagon Township (san2hla, hlathetpaing)
4. A Study of School-community Relationships in the Basic Education High Schools (Phyu2Yin, Su2Thwin)
5. The Study of the Computer Literacy of M.Ed. Students in Yangon Institute of Education (Swe2Nyunt, ThidaWai)
6. Evaluation of Impact the Dam upon Socio-economic and Environmental Conditions of Natmauk and Myothit Township, Magway Division (Khin Khin Htay, Kyaw Khaing Win)
7. The History of Puppetry in the Konbaung Period (KhinYi)
8. Production of Rubber in Mon State(2000-2001 to 2008-2009) (KayThweKhaing, KharttarSoe )
9. An Investigation into the Content of Ethanoic Acid in Different Kinds of Vinegar Commonly Found on the Market (KyawWin, Soe2Tint, KhinMaw2)
10. A Study A Calculation of Neutron Cross Sections on Real Potential of Optical Model (Wint Shwe War Hlaing)
11. Some Species of Edible Fruits in Yae Township, Mon State (Aye Mi Myat)

Vol.3 No.1

No. 1 Article Editorial
1. A Study of Self-Regulated Learning of High School Students (KyawZanHla, KhinHninPhyu)
2. Effectiveness of Portfolio in Classroom Assessment: Language Learning (KhinPyoneYi, Thiri Aung)
3. Establishing Rapport for Enrichment Programme of School Guidance KhinHninNwe, SoeYuHlaing
4. Metacognitive Awareness of Myanmar Teacher Educators SanWin,Toe2Khaing
5. A Study of School Culture in Selected Basic Education High Schools Aye2Cho,TinMinLatt
6. Relationship Between Principals’ Instructional Leadership Practices and Mathematics Achievement of Grade Nine Students in Selected Schools of Mudon Township, Mon State Cho2Sett, MayThingyanMoeAung
7. A Study of Preschool Teachers’ Skills for Developing Children’s Positive Self-concept in the Selected Preschools, Yangon Region Su2Thwin,Nilar Aye
8. A Study of Instructional Leadership Practices of Principals in the Selected Schools of Gwa Township, Rakhine State Htay2Maw,SoeLinTun
9. A Study of Logical Thinking Skills (Mathematics Achievement) of Grade Five Students in the Schools of Pazundaung, Township and Yankin Township, Yangon Region Phyu2yin, HninWuttye ,HninWutYee
10. A Preliminary Study of a Task-Based Supplement to the B.Ed ELT Syllabuses Myo Win
11. Concept Teaching Swe2Nyunt
12. A Study of Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Primary Assistant Teachers in Teaching Science Wai Wai Oo
13. An Investigation into the Grade (10) Students’ Interest and Competence in Different Sections of Physics Text Book Soe Zar2, KhinMarKhine, MaKyiSwe
14. Preparation of Biodiesel from Some Crude Oils Myint2Thwe, KyawWin, YinMin, MaLayKhine, KyiNwe Aye
15. Design and Construction of a Sensor Circuit of (a counting device)Using LDR KhinTint, MyaAye, WintShweWarHlaing
16. A Study of Some Medicinal Plants in Myanmar HlaAyeThein
17. Rhetorical Devices in Literature: Similes ChawSuMarWin

Vol.4 No.1

No. 1 Article Editorial
1. Preparation and Characterization of Cryptomelane Prepared from Manganese Dioxide AungMin
2. A Study of Mathematics Anxiety of High Ability of Grade Ten Students (Aye2Cho, MyintZuThin)
3. An Exploratory Study of Cognitive Learning Strategies of MEd Students in Yangon Institute of Education (KhinPhyu2, AyeThidaSoe, Myint2Aye)
4. The Exploratory Study of Social Intelligence of B.Ed 4th Year Students (Moe2Naing)
5. Preservice Teacher Competences and Attitudes during Teacher Training (SanWin, HninHayManThein)
6. A Study of Professional Development of PGDMA Trainees in Yangon Institute of Education (Aye2Cho, MyintZuThin)
7. A Study of the Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making Styles of MEd Students in Yangon Institute of Education vol4 (ZinMarWin, Aye2Cho)
8. Developing Indicators for Lower Secondary Level Teachers’ Competency regarding “Lesson Preparation (Phyu2Yin, HsuYeeHtet, HsuWaiHtun)
9. The Study of the Lower Secondary Teachers’ Competency Knowledge Regarding “Delivery of Instruction (San2Hla, Theint2)
10. Study on Some Dermatological Properties of Myanma Natural Cosmetic Feronia Iinonia (L.) Swingle (Thee) Bark (Phyu2Zaw)
11. Testingof a Controller Area Network (CAN) Feronia Iinonia (L.) Swingle (Thee) Bark HninAyeKhine, PhoKaung2
12. Optical and electrical properties of polycrystalline SnO2:Sb thin films Sanda Myintand Pho Kaung (SandaMyint, PhoKaung)
13. The Cultivation and Production of Jatropha Curcas l. (Monywa Township, Sagaing division) (SanYinAung)
14. Difference between Local Existence and Global Existence (Lei2Khine)
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