Yangon University of Education Library was opened first as the library of Faculty of Education under the Rangoon University in 1946. According to the New Education System, the Faculty of Education was upgraded to the university status. Thus, the library was also renamed as the Institute of Education Library. Under the university library, the library of TTC School (Kamayut) was opened in 1991. From 1996 to 2005, Branch Library of TTC School was opened in the Hlaing Campus under the administration of the university library.

The Institute of Education was separately opened in Yangon and Mandalay in 1992. On 5 June, 2014, the Institute of Education in Yangon was renamed as the Yangon University of Education and the library of it was called as the Yangon University of Education Library. Yangon University of Education Library moved to the new library on 1 January 2016.

Mission of the Library

  • To enable students to acquire information in support of their academic goals and to enhance their knowledge;
  • To enhance the professional growth of teaching staff by supporting teaching and research programs;
  • To provide professional guidance between users and information sources
Vision of the Library
  • To support learning and research today and in the future at the highest level.
  • To provide effective resources for lifelong learning of high qualified teachers.
To maintain and enhance our library service, knowledgeable, professional and innovative.
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