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YUOE History

YUOE is one of the 161 tertiary level universities in Myanmar. It is located at No.317, Pyay Road, Kamayut, Yangon, Myanmar. The University of Education which was formerly named the Teacher Training College (TTC) was established in 1931.TTC came to be known as Faculty of Education of Yangon University in 1946. It became a degree-awarding professional institute, Yangon Institute of Education, in 1964 when the University Law was enacted. As there are many functions on academic and research fields in the institute, the name Yangon Institute of Education has been changed into Yangon University of Education since 5th June, 2014.

The natural charm of YUOE’s two campuses covering 46.49 hectares offers a broad range of facilities that ensure a very conducive environment for study and recreation. YUOE has an impressive profile since it was recognized as one of the best regional universities in Science and Education Sphere by the Socrates Committee, Oxford, UK in 2016 and World Confederation of Business (WORLDCOB) conferred “The BIZZ 2017 Business Excellence Award” to YUOE in 2018.

1929-The AY 1928-29 Report of the Executive Council of the University of Yangon included a proposal for the establishment of a Teachers’ Training College (TTC).

1931The Teachers’ Training College (TTC) was established as a constituent college of the college of the University of Yangon in July 1931.With the opening of the new college,the Diploma in Education classes were discontinued. In its place were offered the two-year graduate course leading to the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and a two-year course for matriculates leading to the University Trained Teacher’ Certificate (U.T.T.C).

1932-A two year certificate course was established to train Kindergarten teachers (using the Montessori Method).

1933A three-year physical Training Teachers’ Certificate course was introduced.

1939From October 1939 to January 1940, the first educational radio lessons were broadcast. The lessons were broadcast twice a week.

1942In April 1942, the Second World war occurred and the college buildings were occupied by the Japanese forces. The TTC was shifted to the Pazundaung municipal school building on October 20.

1943The TTC was again shifted to Tsing Tsong palace on Kaba-aye Road (Now, the university of Culture) on February 8.

1944B.Ed and U.T.T.C classes were resumed.

1945The building, the equipment, the library and Furniture were all destroyed by allied bombing.

1946Classes were held in Tagaung Hall and Nawaday Hall. The Faculty of Education was established on September 28 and U Ba was appointed professor of Education and Dean of the faculty.

1947The first state Teachers’ Training College (S.T.T.C) was opened on September 1 and the U.T.T.C. Courses at the university were discontinued. Only the B.Ed. course was offered by the university.

1950A two -year post intermediate course, the Bachelor of Arts in Education -BA.Ed (totalling four years) was offered and was open to those who had obtained their Diploma or B.A.Ed.

1952U Kun was appointed Dean of the faculty of Education.

1957Dr.K. Mya Yee was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Education.

1959U Ba Myint was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Education.

1960 U Ba Bwa was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Education.

1962Lt. Colonel San Myint was appointed Dean of the faculty of Education.

1964With the enactment of the University Act of 1964, the faculty of Education became the Institute of Education, Yangon. The Dean of the faculty of Education Lt. Colonel San Myint became the first Rector of the Institute. The five-year pre-service undergraduate B.Ed. course was introduced; the scholastic attainment ( in the Basic Education High School Examination) was very high and surpassed only by those entering medicine and engineering. The Diploma in Education course and the one-year B.Ed course were placed out in AY.1996-97.

1968The first Distance Education was offered at the Institute of Education. The B.Ed degree course through correspondence was offered for those with BA.Ed degree or with Diploma in Education.

1969The two year Master of Arts (M.A) in English was started at the Institute. The M.A(Qualifying) class was begun at the same year.

1970The Master of Education, M.Ed course was begun at the Institute in AY 1970- 1971. The B.Ed by correspondence course, was discontinued and the Diploma in Education by correspondence course was introduced, instead. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in English was first offered at the Institute.

1972Professor Dr. Khin Maung Win was appointed Rector of the Institute of Education. Dr.Khin Maung Win was formerly the professor of philosophy at the University of Yangon.

1974U Kyaw was appointed Rector of the Institute of Education. He was formerly the principal of Workers’ College, Yangon.

1977The first batch of graduates from the Regional college entered the third year of the B.Ed course.

1978U Thaung Htut was appointed Rector of the Institute of Education. He was formerly the Director (Training ) at the Department of Basic Education.

1980The pre-service undergraduate course was transformed into an in-service professional two year ‘Second Degree’ programme. The B.A (Honours) in English course was started.

1981The B.A,B.A(Honours) and M.A in English courses were shifted back to the University of Yangon together with the post of professor of English.

1986Dr Ye Aung was appointed Rector of the Institute of Education.

1988U Khin Maung Tint was appointed Rector of the Institute of Education. U Khin Maung Tint was formerly Rector of the University of Mawlamyine. Professor U Oo Tha Gyaw was appointed Pro-Rector in the same year.

1989Professor U Oo Tha Gyaw was appointed Rector of the Institute of Education. He formerly the was Professor of Methodology and later Pro Rector of the Institute of Education. Professor U Bo Thin was appointed Pro-Rector.

1990U Myo Nyunt was appointed Rector of the Institute of Education. He was formerly the Principal of the Institute of Foreign Languages, Yangon.

1992Professor U Han Tin was appointed Rector of the Institute of Education. U Han Tin was formerly Professor of English and Pro-Rector of the University of Yangon. U Kaung Nyunt was appointed Pro-Rector but was transferred to University of Yangon.The Institute of Education,Mandalay was established and was administered by the Rector, Institute of Education,Yangon.

1993Institute of Education, Mandalay became a separate Institute with its own Rector in August. Linkage with University of London, Institute of Education-reciprocal visit by Dr.Elwyn Thomas ,Chairperson, Department of International and Cooperative Education.

1996Computer Training programme  (6- months) for Teachers was held. He was appointed Pro-Rector. He was formerly Principal of Sittwe Degree College.

1997Computer Training introduced into B.Ed. curriculum. English Language Proficiency Upgrading course (ELPUC) was held.

1998The Centre for Human Resource Development (CHRD) was established at the Institute of Education, Yangon. Nine-month short term courses were offered. The first multi-media classroom for schools was set up at the Institute of Education, Yangon and a four-week Multi-media classroom Training for Teachers was held in October. M.A(TEFL) classes were restarted at the Institute. Board of Trustees was formed for the Practising School.

1999In addition to the short term English classes, the Diploma in English Language Teaching Methodology (Dip ELTM), the Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDT) and the Postgraduate Diploma in Multi-media Arts (PGDMA) were opened by the CHRD -YIOE. The Board of Trustees handed over the new three-storeyed building for the Practising School, Institute of Education, Yangon.

-The in-service professional one-year ‘Second Degree’ programme was discontinued and, the pre-service four-year and two-year B.Ed programmes were introduced in AY 2001-2002, instead.

20012002 The five-year doctoral degree programme in education was first introduced.

2002 – Dr. Khin Zaw was appointed Rector of the Institute of Education.


2004 Certificate of Educational Technology (CET) Programme was opened for the purpose of assigning to SAT (Senior Assistant Teacher). The candidate must be a master degree holder from Arts and Science University. For the purpose of going onto higher level of the in service teachers, HRD (Human Resources Development Department) has opened M.Phil (Education) course. The candidates were be able to join M.Ed course after finishing 2 years course of M.Phil.

Since 2006, the CET course was discontinued. 

The SCET (Special Certificate in Educational Technology) Programme was established for assigning to SAT. In 2007, this programme was discontinued after the 2nd Intake of SCET.

The PGDT programme was also discontinued after batch No.(9).

In (2011-2012 )AY, B.Ed four-year Course was added one more year and started 5 years Course.

The name of University has been changed from YIOE to YUOE on June 5, 2014.

2012 – Dr. Aung Min was appointed Rector of the Institute of Education.
2017 – Dr. Aye Aye Myint was appointed Rector of the Yangon University of Education.


Up to 2017 at YUOE, there were 69 Ph.D Degree holders, 1336 Master of Education Degree holders, 23552 B.Ed Degree holders, 27048 B.Ed (Correspondence) Degree holders and 78 M.Phil (Education) Degree holders.
2021 – Dr. Kay Thwe Hlaing was appointed Rector of the Yangon University of Education. She was formerly the Pro- Rector of Yangon University of Education. Up till now, Dr. Kay Thwe Hlaing has been the Rector of Yangon University of Education.