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History of YUOE

YUOE is one of the 161 tertiary level universities in Myanmar. It is located at No.317, Pyay Road, Kamayut, Yangon, Myanmar. The University of Education which was formerly named the Teacher Training College (TTC) was established in 1931. TTC came to be known as Faculty of Education of Yangon University in 1946. It became a degree-awarding professional institute, Yangon Institute of Education, in 1964 when the University Law was enacted. As there are many functions on academic and research fields in the institute, the name Yangon Institute of Education has been changed into Yangon University of Education since 2014.

The natural charm of YUOE’s two campuses covering 46.49 hectares offers a broad range of facilities that ensure a very conducive environment for study and recreation. YUOE has an impressive profile since it was recognized as one of the best regional universities in Science and Education Sphere by the Socrates Committee, Oxford, UK in 2016 and World Confederation of Business (WORLDCOB) conferred “The BIZZ 2017 Business Excellence Award” to YUOE in 2018.

Brief description of the functions of YUOE

YUOE is one of 174 tertiary education institutions in Myanmar. 74 of these are under the Ministry of Education. YUOE is under the administration of the Department of Higher Education ( Lower Myanmar). It is a teacher-training institution which, at present, trains student teachers to teach in State High Schools. It offers a five-year BEd on-campus course and two year in-service B.Ed correspondence course. Two-year M.Ed. and MA (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language) courses and a five-year Ph.D course are also offered.

The centre for Human Resource Development programme offers Postgraduate Diplomas in three areas- English language Teaching Methodology, Early Child Case Development and Multi-media Arts.

One of the functions of YUOE is to serve as a bridge between basic education and higher education. In order to understand YUOE’s place in the network of universities, institutes, degree colleges and under the Department of Higher Education, an overview of Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Myanmar is necessary.

Location of YUOE

YUOE is located on Pyay Road opposite the MRTV (Myanmar Radio and Television) station near it is the Myanmar Education Research Bureau and the Institute of Medicine 1, Yangon. It is bordered by Thaton Road, on which is the Department of Higher Education (Lower Myanmar).

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