While in YUOE, students can be winners of several types of scholarships with financial assistance as follows. All undergraduate students are eligible to apply for all kinds of scholarship offered in YUOE.

Name of Scholarship
No. of Recipients
(2019-20 AY)
State/ Region Scholarship 18
University Scholarship 65
Shwe Parami Foundation 16
B.Ed Foundation 71
Scholarship by Higher Education Department/ MOE 158
Myanmar Women’s Affairs Federation (Only female) 2

Note: Scholarship is provided every year. Detail information about number of students who win scholarships and eligibility criteria for the scholarship applicants is announced by the university.

Courses Offered

The Yangon University of Education, as a professional institute of pedagogy, offers courses on pedagogy. At present, the following courses are offered:

1.B. Ed. Five-year Course (on campus pre-service teacher training)

The subjects provided are:

  • Educational Research
  • Educational Theory
  • Educational Psychology
  • Methodology
  • Specialization in two subjects
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Academic subjects
  • Computer Technology
  • School Health, and
  • Co – curricular Activities.
2. B.Ed. Two-year Course (on – campus pre- service teacher training)

This course is offered to those who have completed a two-year teacher training programme at the education colleges.

3. B.Ed. Two-year Correspondence Course (in –service teacher training)

This course is offered to in-service teachers who have obtained their first degree.

4.M.Ed Two-year Course

This is a modular course. There are two semesters in each academic year.
The compulsory core modules are:

  • philosophical Foundations in Education
  • Psychological Foundations in Education
  • Current Education
  • Information Processing Technology
  • Advanced Educational Philosophy
  • Advanced Educational Psychology
  • Modern Pedagogies
  • Research Methodology/ Educational Statistics

The elective modules (Specializations) are;

  • Teacher Education
  • Comparative Education
  • Educational Test and Measurement
  • Educational Administration and Supervision
  • Educational Planning and Economics of Education
  • Educational Sociology
  • Curriculum Development
  • Pedagogic Methodology
  • History of Education and
  • Educational Technology.
5. M.A. (Teaching of English as a foreign Language)

The Master of Arts (TEFL) Course is a modular two-academic year course that is in line with the decisions arrived at by the workshop on postgraduate studies conducted by the Higher Education decisions arrived at by the workshop on postgraduate studies conducted by the Higher Education Department on 29 October 1997. The Course covers:

  • English for Academic purposes
  • Phonetics, Phonology, Grammar and Syntax
  • Semantics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Stylistics
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Educational Technology
  • Developing Learner’s Language Skills
  • English Language Teaching Methodology
  • Teaching English for Specific Purposes
  • Teaching of English as Foreign Literature
  • Error Analysis
  • Syllabus Design
  • Materials Development and
  • Assessment.
6. Ph.D. (Education)

Course Requirements for the Ph.D. degree are that the candidate must complete their course in not more than five academic years, from the date of enrolment. The curriculum for YUOE’s Ph.D. programme consists of courses which carry not less than 30 credits and a doctoral dissertation must be given totalling not less than 36 credits.

The course covers:

  • Theoretical Pedagogy
  • Pedagogic Psychology
  • Technology of Education
  • Research Methodology
  • Professional Ethics in Pedagogy
  • Cyber age Mental Health
  • Applied Cybernetics
  • Inferential Statistics in Education and
  • Advanced Seminar.

Other Courses at YUOE

The courses offered at the University of Education by the Centre for Human Resource Development can be categorized into two kinds. One is the professional certification courses for teachers and the other is the upgrading and updating the knowledge and capability of school children. These courses are built around the English language lessons which form the core of the courses.

Professional Certification Courses for Teachers

The professional certification courses being conducted by CHRD- YUOE are postgraduate Diploma in Multi- media Arts (PGDMA), Diploma in English Language Teaching Methodology ( Dip in ELTM and Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Development (Dip in ECCD). These three courses are to be regarded as provision of alternative pre- service and to a certain extent, in- service training.

1. Postgraduate Diploma in Multi-media Arts (PGDMA)

This is a ten-month course for those who have obtained their first degrees and who wish to join the school system.

Module I is the Basic Course which lasts 3 months. This course is about introduction to computer Systems and their applications, Hardware and Microsoft office

Module II is the Foundation Course which lasts 3 months and about computer, software, multi-media, computer network set-up and administration.

Module III and IV are the specialization course and Pedagogies which last 4 months and about Advanced Course-multi-media for Effective Education and Education Management Information System (EMIS) Development.

2.Diploma in English Language Teaching Methodology (Dip in ELTM)

The Diploma in English Language Teaching Methodology has been initiated for those university graduates who are interested in English Language Teaching (ELT) and wish to join the English Language teaching profession. The course aims to:

  • impart the theories and practices of ELT to the candidates and acquaint them with current methodologies
  • upgrade the English Language proficiency of the candidates.
  • familiarize the candidates with the basic concepts and principles in course design, materials production and testing, and
  • introduce multi-media instruction to the candidates

The Diploma in English Language Teaching Methodology (Dip. in ELTM) course is a nine-month 300 hours modular course consisting of three semesters of 10 weeks each. This ELTM course is a professional certificating course for English language teachers. It covers the study of various aspects of the English language as well as the teaching-learning process in the acquisition of English as a foreign language.

3.Diploma in ECCD

The duration of the course in 9 months over 3 semesters and it is a part-time course. The teaching sessions will be in the evening from Monday to Friday. And the teaching hours are 15 hours per week. There will be 9 modules for which there will be altogether 30 credit points-27 credit points for classroom lectures and 3 credit points for practicum.

Semester 1:

3 courses (9 credits)

PGDECCD 1- Child Development in Ecocultural Contexts

PGDECCD 2- Learning Through Play

PGDECCD 3- Approaches to Early Childhood Care and Development

Semester 2:

3 courses (9 credits)

PGDECCD 4- Working with Families and Communities

PGDECCD 5- School Readiness and Transitions

PGDECCD 6- Science of Early Child Development 1

Semester 3:

3 courses (9 credits)

PGDECCD 7- Policy, Advocacy and Leadership

PGDECCD 8- Need Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation

PGDECCD 9- Science of Early Child Development 2

Student Assessment Strategies

50% Examination at the conclusion of each course, including multiple choice, short and long answer questions

30% Project- based assignment

20% Practical skills assessment (assessment by instructor, practicum site supervisor, and student self-reflection journal.)