Practicing School

The Practising School which serves as a laboratory school of YUOE began with students in 1931. This school has become one of the premier schools in Myanmar. The Practising School has over the years grown steadily and now has an enrollment of over 6700 students from Kindergarten to Standard Ten.



The Practising School originated in July 1931. It began with 3 students in standard V and 8 students in standard VIII. In the following year, over 400 students were admitted in all standards including the kindergarten. However, there was a stipulation that no single class should exceed 42 students.

In the 1934 national matriculation Examination, 12 out of 13 candidates from the TTC passed the exam. Ma Thein Kyi, who later because Professor of Geography at Yangon University stood Second. Every year, up to the Second world war, the school produced many scholarship winners. in the 1937-38 Report of the Director of public instruction, it was put on record that ” — the school continued to do sound work and had an excellent record of discipline and results in the High School Final Examination”.

After the war, the Teacher’s training college (TTC) became the Faculty of Education and was one of the faculties of the University of Yangon. The Dean of the Faculty was the principal of the school. A separate headmaster of the school was appointed.

Following the enactment of the University Law of 1964, the Faculty of Education was upgraded to become a university status, degree-awarding professional Institute of Education.

On 1 October 1966, the Practising School of the Institute of Education was transferred to the Department of Basic Education and was directly administered by the office of the Divisional Education officer, Yangon. On 1 October 1972, the School was transferred back to the Department of Higher Education and established as a separate division of the Institute of Education.

Present Status

Since its humble beginning in 1931 with 11 students, the Practising school has become one of Myanmar’s top schools and is regarded as a model school. It has maintained its record of academic achievement and discipline over the year. Since 1981 the Practising School has for 3 times the top achieving school in terms of pass percent in the National Basic Education High School Examination. During this period, a student from the Practising School has stood first in the whole of Myanmar. The enrollment of students in the Practising School has grown steadily and now stands at over 8000 students.