Dr. Daw Kyi Swe(Curriculum and Methodology)

Dr. Daw Kyi Swe (Professor)
Department of Curriculum and Methodology
From 1.10.84 to 30.11.87_ Primary Assistant Teacher
From 1.12.87 to 18.6.99 _ Junior Assistant Teacher
From 21.6.99 to 9.8.2ooo_ Senior Assistant Teacher
From 10,8,2000 to 31.7.2006 _ Tutor in SUOE
From 1.8.2006 to 1.3.2010_ Tutor in YUOE
From 1.3.2010 to 24.12.2014_ Assistant Lecturer in YUOE
From 24.12.2014 to 3.12.2018 _ lecturer in YUOE
From 3.12.2018 to 2.12.2019 _ Associate Professor in YUOE
From 2.12.2019 to the Present _ Professor in YUOE
Academic Background
1983: BSc Chemistry
1999: BEd
2000: Dip in English
2001: MEd
2011: PhD (Education)
Other experience:
From 18.1.15 to 22.1.15 Burapha University, Thailand Workshop Seminar
From 13.11.18 to 18.11.17 Malaysia, Workshop Seminar
From 4.9.2018 to 7.9.18 Korea, Conference
From 8.9.2019 to 16.9.19 Japan, Study Tour
Graduate School:
Membership of academic societies:

Other Training:

My research was awarded the best in Social Science among all the doctoral dissertation research works by the Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science in 2011
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International Text Book Publication Research

Other Activities
The role of the academy and the way we prepare students for their future live is changing. I will be lifelong learner willing to understand the ever-evolving teaching learning practices.
Teachers need to teach students to value self-directed learning, teach them how to learn on their own terms, and how to create an individual time schedule.