Dr. Hswe Mar Oo(Curriculum and Methodology)

Dr. Hswe Mar Oo (Assistant Lecturer)
Department of Curriculum and Methodology
2009-2009: Junior Assistant Teacher, Basic Education Middle School (Branch) Kin Mon Chaung (North), Hinthada Township.
2009-2014: Senior Assistant Teacher, Basic Education High School (Branch) Yodayadet, Yekyi Township.
2014-2020: Senior Assistant Teacher, Basic Education High School, Neikban, Hinthada Township.
2020-2021: Tutor, Department of Methodology, Yangon University of Education.
2021 to the present: Assistant Lecturer, Curriculum and Methodology Department, Yangon University of Education.

Academic Background
2009: BEd, Yangon Institute of Education
2015: MEd, Yangon University of Education
2021: PhD, Yangon University of Education

Other experience:
Graduate School:
Membership of academic societies:
Other Training:
2020: Upskilling Programme for Newly Appointed Tutors
International Text Book Publication

No international textbook publication.

1. Khin Mar Khaing and Swe Mar Oo (2017). A Study of the Effectiveness of Interactive Teaching Methods on Students’ Achievement in Science at the Middle School Level. Yangon University of Education Research Journal. Vol. 7, No. 1, Pg. 43-49.
2. Khin Mu Mu Han and Hswe Mar Oo (2020). An Analytical Study of the Effects of Project-Based Learning on the Attitude and Achievement of Grade Ten Students in Chemistry. Yangon University of Education Research Journal. Vol. 10, No.1, Pg. 85-96.
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