Daw Ei Phyu Chaw(Department of Educational Theory and Management)

Daw Ei Phyu Chaw (Lecturer)
Department of Educational Theory and Management
1.6.2010 - 15.9.2011: Junior Teacher, Basic Education High School (2), Hospital Road, Myanaung Township, Ayeyarwaddy Region
16.9.2011 - 30.9. 2015: Senior Teacher, Basic Education High School, Let Pan Kwin village, Myanaung Township, Ayeyarwaddy Region
1.10.2015 - 31.3.2018 (Morning): Tutor, Department of Educational Theory, Yangon University of Education 31.3.2018 (Afternoon) -1.12.2021 (morning): Assistant Lecturer, Department of Educational Theory and Management, Yangon University of Education
1.12.2021 (morning)- (to the present): Lecturer, Department of Educational Theory and Management, Yangon University of Education

Academic Background
2009: BEd (English, Chemistry, Physics) (Qualified), Yangon University of Education
2015: MEd (Educational Planning and Management), Yangon University of Education
2018 to the present: PhD (third year) at Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE), Budapest, Hungary
Other Training:
28.10.2014-30.10-2014: Workshop on the “Strategic Planning”, Yangon University of Education
27.11.2017-30.10.2017: Australia Myanmar Institute (ami) conference, University of Yangon, Myanmar
1.09.2016-30.03.2017: English for Education College Trainers (EfECT) Project, Yangon University of Education
17.06.2017-5.09.2017: “American Literature” sessions of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), The U.S. Embassy, American Center, Yangon, Myanmar
04.10.2018-06.10.2018: European Teacher Education Conference, Faculty of Education and Psychology of Eotvos Lorand University and the Association of Teacher Educators
28.01.2020-31.01.2020: 4-day Academic/Scientific Writing Workshop, Faculty of Education and Psychology, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary
Ei Phyu Chaw & Khin Mar Ni (Ph.D). (2020). A study of teachers’ perceptions of principals’ administrative skills in Basic Education Schools in Myanaung Township, Ayeyarwaddy Region. YUOE journal, Vol 13.

International Publication
Ei Phyu Chaw, Erika Kopp (2009): Challenges of beginning teachers in their first year teaching and their coping strategies, p674-682. In: Péter Tóth – András Benedek – Gabriella Mike – Jenő Duchon (Eds.): Development and Partnership in HE without Borders. Proceedings of the 1st Conference on VET & Education, Today and Tomorrow. Budapest University of Technology and Economics. p713. ISBN 978-963-421-810-4 http://www.mpt.bme.hu/maholnap/?q=archivum

Chaw, E. P., & Kopp, E. (2021). Student- teachers' Experiences During Practicum in Pre-service Teacher Education in Myanmar. In O. Clipa (vol. ed.), Lumen Proceedings: Vol. 16. ATEE 2020 - Winter Conference. Teacher Education for Promoting Well-Being in School. Suceava, 2020 (pp. 101-120). Iasi, Romania: LUMEN Publishing House. https://doi.org/10.18662/lumproc/atee2020/08

Chaw, E. P. & Kopp E. (2021). Coping issues as a topic in Teacher Education Research: A Systematic Literature Review. Acta Didactica Napocensia, 14(2), 44-58, https://doi.org/10.24193/adn.14.2.4
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