Daw Pann Ei Soe(Department of Educational Theory and Management)

Daw Pann Ei Soe (Tutor)
Department of Educational Theory and Management
2011-2014: Junior Teacher, Basic Education Middle School (Branch) ,Tone Nge , Htee Chaint Township, Sagaing Region
2014:2018: Senior Teacher, Basic Education High School Sheinmagar Wetlet Township,Sagaing Region
2018:2022: Senior Teacher, Basic Education High School Wetlet, Sagaing Region
2022 to the Present:Tutor,Department of Educational Theory and Management, Yangon University of Education

Academic Background
2010: BEd, Sagaing University of Education
2014: MEd (Educational Administration and Supervision),Sagaing University of Education
Graduate School:
Pann Ei Soe, Dr.Htay Kin ( 2014) Principal Leadership Behaviors on Teachers’ Instructional Practices and Students’ Engagement in Basic Education High Schools in Wetlet Township.
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