Dr. Siesar(Physics)

Dr. Siesar (Lecturer)
Department of Physics
2012-2015: Demonstrator, Department of Physics, Taungoo University
2015-2016 Demonstrator, Department of Physics, Dagon University
2016-2020 Assistant Lecturer, Department of Physics, Dagon University
2020-2021: Lecturer, Department of Physics, Dagon University
2021-2022: Lecturer, Department of Physics, Dawei University
2022 to the Present: Lecturer, Yangon University of Education

Academic Background
2001: BSc (Hons:) Physics, University of Yangon
2004: MSc,(Engineering Physics), University of Yangon
2005: MRes Physics, University of Yangon
2005-2010: PhD (Material Science), University of Yangon, Department of Physics
2013: English Language Course for Higher Education Teacher (ELCHET)
2017: Experiment Physics Education , University of Yangon
2018: Refresher Course on Quantum Mechanics, University of Yangon
2019: Refresher Course on Electronics, Dagon University
2020: Educational Technology of Higher Education(Taxila Institute)
Siesar: Sequential 20-Rung Counter Using 4017 IC
Siesar: PIC Music Maker
Siesar: Temperature Dependent Conductivity Of NH4+ Doped Potassium Sulphate Crystals

Project Paper Supervision:
2019: Study On A Frequency Divider Circuit Using 7473IC , Fourth Year, Group (23)
To become qualified students in the 21st century.
Students are encouraged to relate Physics to other branches of science so that science is not seen as divided isolated compartments.