Dr. Cho Thinzar Win(Physics)

Dr. Cho Thinzar Win (Lecturer)
Department of Physics
2012-2014: Demonstrator, Department of Physics, Myeik University
2014-2016 Demonstrator, Department of Physics, Dagon University
2016-2020 Assistant Lecturer, Department of Physics, Dagon University
2020-2021: Lecturer, Department of Physics, Dagon University
2021-2022: Lecturer, Department of Physics, Mohnyin University
2022 to the Present: Lecturer, Yangon University of Education
2001: BSc (Hons:) Physics, University of Yangon
2004: MSc Engineering Physics, University of Yangon
2005: MRes, Physics, University of Yangon
2010: PhD (Material Science), University of Yangon

Other experience
2014: Special Refresher Course for University and Colleges Central of Civil Service University (Phaunggyi)

Other Training:
2013: English Language Course for Higher Education Teachers (ELCHET)
2015: Refresher Courses on Experimental Physics Education at Dagon University
2019: Refresher Courses on Electronic at Dagon University

Cho Thinzar Win, Design and Construction of Voltage Power Supply Units For EPROM Programmer
Cho Thinzar Win, EPROM Based Signal Generator
Cho Thinzar Win, The Study of Alpha track Diameters in SSNTDs CN-85 varying with Etch-time for different Alpha energies using 241-Am Source.
Cho Thinzar Win, Structural, Dielectric And Ferroelectric Properties of Zr (20%) Substituted PbTiO3 Thin Film Device.
Cho Thinzar Win, The Study on Track Densities and Nuclear Tracks Statistics Using CN-85 (SSNTDs) For Different Alpha Energies, Mohnyin University Research Journal 2021, Vol.I, No.1, 158-163 pp

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