Daw Cin Sian Huai(Curriculum and Methodology)

Daw Cin Sian Huai (Tutor)
Department of Curriculum and Methodology
2015-2022: Senior Assistant Teacher, BEHS(Branch) Suetut, Taungoo
2022-2022: Senior Assistant Teacher, BEHS, Kaytumadi, Taungoo
2022-Today: Tutor, Curriculum and Methodology Department, Yangon University of Education

Academic Background
2010-2014: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
2017-2019: Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Other experience:
Graduate School:
Membership of academic societies:
Other Training:
Awards: -
International Text Book Publication
No international textbook publication.

1. Cin Sian Huai and Wai Wai Oo (2019): The Influence of Mathematical Terminology on Students’ Achievement at the High School Level. Journal of the Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science, Vol. XVIII, No. 9C, 73-84pp.
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