Dr. May Myat Thu(Pro Rector)

Dr. May Myat Thu (Pro Rector)
Yangon University Of Education
1986-1993: Tutor, Department of Geography, University of Education, Yangon
1993-1998: Assistant Lecturer, Department of Geography, Bago Degree College, Sittwe Degree College and University of Yangon
1998-2003: Lecturer, Department of Geography, University of Yangon
2003-2013: Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Bago College and University of Yangon
2013-2021: Professor, /Head: Department of Geography, Pathein University and Dagon University
2021-2023; Pro-Rector, Yangon, University of Education
1984: BA Geography, University of Yangon
1985: BA(Hons) Geography, University of Yangon
1986-1992: MA Geography, University of Yangon
2002-2003: Dip in RS and GIS, University of Yangon
2008-2009: Dip in Global English, University of Yangon
2008-2013: PhD, University of Yangon
1987- Basic English Training Course
1987-88- Basic Civil Services Training Course-Zaya-95
1992- University Teacher’s Refresher Course –Batch-1
2003- GIS Application Training Course SLRD & UNESCAP-Yangon
2003- New Dynamic English Course-Bago University
2004- Certificate Course in Basic Diplomatic Skill, BDS 10, MOFA,Yangon
2010-Oct- Remote Sensing and Object Based Image Classification, UY
2016-May- GIS Advantage Course, University of Yangon
2017-June-Sept- Application of Arc GIS Software for Spatial Analysis, Pathein Uni
2017-Sept-Conceptual Foundations of Economic Geography, (DAAD Project), UY
2017-Oct- Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science, Okayama University, Japan
2019-Jun- Capacity Building and Training of Trainers on Pedagogy, DU
2019-Oct- Training on Internal Quality Assurance, Dagon University
2022-23- Executive Level Civil Services Training -Batch-6, Lower Myanmar, Paunggyi
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Mu Mu Than, Khin Mar Yee, May Myat Thu,Mar Lar Han(2019): Water Level Changes in Yezin Dam, Zayyarthiri Township, Nay Pyi Taw, Using Geospatial Techniques, SCIRJ Scientific Research Journal,ISSN2201-2796,Aug-2019, Vol-VII Pg-78-83
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Nilar Aye, May Myat Thu(2019): Land Cover Changes and Potential Surface Runoff of Thaukyegat Watershed Area Using SCS TR55 Hydrologic Model Universities Research Journal -pg-203-Vol. 11, No. 3 August, 2019 Vol. 11, No. 3, Myanmar
May Myat Thu, Nilar Aye, Soe Soe Khin (2021): Effect of Water Temperature on Culture Pearl Oyster Survival Rate, University Research Journal- Yangon University of Education, Aug-2021, Vol 11 No2 (Pg-199-208), Myanmar
Secretary, Geographical Association of Myanmar
Member, Myanmar Women’s Affairs Association (Environmental Conservation Group)
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